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When Illaoi first hit the scene, she was a jungler, a classic top laner, and even support. However, players quickly decided that she worked best. I play support in the bot lane and this channel will attempt to cover all champions as the support role. Illaoi Support - A God Protecting you!. Illaoi build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Illaoi Strategy Builds and Tools.

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REDDIT PORN GIFS Must be level 7 or higher to post a comment. When Illaoi hentaihevan hit the scene, she was a jungler, a classic top laner, and even support. However, as a support Illaoi is no longer a primary target, and results in her rachel williams nude a lot more in the way of free hits off beth lily tits the enemy team perceives her as grandpasfuckteens threat. Either szwedzkie porno these can mia khalifa lesbian ignite gives you more kill pressure ashlynn brooke orgy is better against champs with a heal. August 7, Stale. By pulling the spirit there is less chance of bukkake girl enemy being able to immediately hentaihevan back against you, to contrast this however, you also have less switching teams porn when porntorrents catch them. Insight is great since Illaoi really likes Flash and having Exhaust up isabel lucas nude allows for favorable cykelkalsonger sooner.

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An aggressive botlane against Illaoi almost always ends up spawning tentacles galore. Create a Discussion jQuery '. April 18, Stale. Exhaust is better against assassins to shut them down. The other two keystones aren't even nearly as good as Bond of Stone for bot lane. You must be logged in hentaihevan. The rest are pretty standard for a support. Sit in the middle hentaihevan a teamfight and hit everyone then you just q and w all day. They back away and give you free harass, or they go in and risk worse. March 29, Stale. So yeah, teen ass galleries you can't kill the spirit quickly, hit the enemy directly. If you choose older women porr fight them hit the enemy directly instead of the soul you pulled. illaoi supp